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  • 9 Watt Rechargeable Inverter LED Emergency Bulb (Cool White),Can use as a Emergency Bulb as well.; Most effective in those areas where power cut is measure issue.
  • RECHARGEABLE : Yes it will automatically recharge when you use it normally. Recharging time: 4 -6 hours, power back up to 2-3 hours
  • CONSUMPTION :- Lower consumption and energy saving, operating voltage: 220-240 volts
  • Overcharging protection :Yes Charging time: 8-10 hours Back-up time: 4 hours maximum Battery mah: 2200 mah Operating voltage range: 100-300V AC / Rated current: 0.045A
  • Finish Type: Polished

Feritron® 9W B22 Inverter Rechargeable Base LED Ceramic Emergency Bulb

₹550.00 Regular Price
₹451.00Sale Price
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