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Feritron Fully Automatic Water Level Controller for overhead Tank and Sump. It will Automatically Switch ON & Switch OFF the Pump. Pump Automatically gets switched on when the Tank Level goes below 50%, Voltage is normal, Water is available in the Sump at least two-level. The pump gets switched off when the overhead Tank is Full Or if the Sump is empty or if the voltage is not normal. It is Suitable for Motor Upto 2 Hp Operated by a Normal ON/OFF Switch / MCB. Also Suitable for Electronic Starter, If the Stater is bypassed. Suitable For Pumping water from Sump to Overhead tank, Borewell, or well to Overhead tank. It has indications for Motor ON, Overhead tank 4 levels, Sump 3 level, power indication, over-voltage, under-voltage indication, Dry Run indication, and Flow Indication. It has protection against high voltage, low voltage, Pump running without water. It has Pulse sensing technology for high sensor life. It has Auto Mode and Bypass mode. In AUTO Mode, AUTO ON & AUTO OFF operation occurs, in MANUAL Mode, The motor pump will be constantly running. Easy To Install. Advanced Embedded Technology.


SKU: 364215376135191
₹5,000.00 Regular Price
₹4,000.00Sale Price


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